Monday, August 13, 2012

Detective Comics 14 Cover

The cover to Detective Comics issue 14 coming out November 7th!  This book features a story with Poison Ivy!

The idea was to have Batman caught in the tangled mess of vines with a confident Poison Ivy standing victorious over her catch.  I formed the vines into a batman logo in the background.  Jeromy Cox did a great job on colors as well!  Check out the process!

Oh and John Layman is killing it on his scripts!  Each one has its own feeling and really brings something exciting with a twist to each issue!  Im looking forward to seeing the finished product once these start hitting shelves!

Layouts I hand into DC for approval

Usually I draw covers in pencil first, but this one was far easier to do all in the digital phase.  Those vines were tough to draw but made much easier by doing them in layers.

Awesome colors by Jeromy! 


Jay Kay said...

That is awesome--definitely looking forward to you and Layman's run on Detective. :D

One thing I noticed is that I think I can see a bit of Art Adams in the way you drew Ivy. Kind-of the bouncy curve and lines on her, if that makes sense.

juliozor said...

Amazing forward. I think you´ll definetely will be remembered as one of the greatest artists ever on Detective Comics.

Dylan said...

Great Cover! Love it! Can't wait to read it too.

Also I am wondering, in Birds of Prey, she is drawn with Black eyes and green irises. I was wondering if you were told that she did not have them anymore or if its just a inking mistake?

But no matter what, love your work, the cover looks GREAT!!!

Cameron Durgin said...

This is fantastic. I'll definitely be checking this out. Keep up the great work.

Jason Fabok said...

yah not sure about the iris thing. I noticed that in the book but decided not to draw it that way lol

Dylan said...

Thats cool! Thanks for getting back to me, its no biggy really. Its for sure one of my favorite covers in the new52 so far! Its really great! Its my cell phone wallpaper :P lol.

city said...

thanks for posting.